ICT 2015

date: 20.10.2015

Between 20th and 22th in Lisbon, Portugal, one of CAxMan Project partners, Fraunhofer, participated in the session Advanced Computing for Manufacturing SMEs: Successful Real-World Examples and presented the talk Innovate, Contact, Transform to an audience of 700 representing scientific community, industry, policy makers and customers. The goal was building and raising the awareness of the I4MS programme, esp. w.r.t. advanced computing, HPC in the Cloud and CAx, presenting the possibilities, achievements and impact of CloudFlow and CAxMan. The participants were actively involved in the discussion and reflection of means to ease uptake of technology and impact on business processes. The networking session has presented results from the two current projects in the I4MS HPC/Cloud and CAx initiative showing ways how to get involved and possibilities to use the results.

Project Coordinator

SINTEF Digital
Dr. Tor Dokken


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