CAxMan in the core of SINTEF's coordination action on Additive Manufacturing

date: 08.01.2018

The CAxMan coordinator heads the cross SINTEF coordination action on Additive Manufacturing. SINTEF that was started in 2017 a strategic action across SINTEF organizational units related to Additive Manufacturing. The SINTEF institutes involved are SINTEF Digital, SINTEF Industry, SINTEF Technology and Society, SINTEF Raufoss Manufacturing and SINTEF Building and Infrastructure. The coordination action continues into 2018. On March 21-22, a major outreach event will take place in the Oslo area, the annual Subsea Valley Conferences, here SINTEF cooperates closely with the Norwegian Centre of Expertise Subsea Valley ( with respect to the 3D park and workshop. The Presentations of the CAxMan tour will be integrated into the 3D Park workshop program.

Photo from SSV conference in 2017

Photo from SSV conference in 2017

Project Coordinator

SINTEF Digital
Dr. Tor Dokken


Forskningsveien 1
0314 Oslo Norwegen
P.O.Box 124 Blindern