CNR-IMATI is the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies (IMATI), belonging to the National Research Council (CNR), Italy.

IMATI is a centre of excellence in numerical analysis for partial differential equations, computational topology, geometry processing, and statistical analysis.

IMATI has a long-standing experience of international cooperation with both research and industrial consortia. IMATI attracts many well-known scientists who visit periodically with the aim of sharing their knowledge in the fields of expertise of the departments of the Institute.

CNR-IMATI will take the leadership of Work Package 3 (Process Planning), where its main contribution will be the definition of algorithms that support the creation of an effective process plan for Additive Manufacturing. Also, CNR_IMATI will contribute to the measures to maximize the project impacts by studying integrations/extensions to the ISO/ASTM52915 - 13 Standard Specification for the Additive Manufacturing File Format (AMF). CNR-IMATI will contribute to Work Package 2 by exploiting the isogeometric representation to support the modelling of shapes for Additive Manufacturing.

Project Coordinator

SINTEF Digital
Dr. Tor Dokken


Forskningsveien 1
0314 Oslo Norwegen
P.O.Box 124 Blindern