Reports & docs

Below you can find the public project reports of the CAxman project.

Period Report Title File
M0 - M6 D1.2 - Initial requirements infrastructure Download
M0 - M6 D2.1 - Requirement design for Additive Manufacturing Download
M0 - M6 D3.1 - Requirements Process Planning Download
M0 - M6 D4.1 - Specifications for Thermal and Stress Analysis Download
M0 - M6 D6.1 - Requirements for NC in AM Download
M0 - M6 D9.2 - Graphic Identity Download
M0 - M6 D9.2 - Project website and project presentations Download
M0 - M9 D2.2 - IGA based shape representation, initial version Download
M0 - M12 D2.3 - Analysis tools for AM-Linear setting Download
M0 - M12 D4.3 - Validation strategy for thermal analysis of MD process Download
M17 - M23 D2.5 - Analysis tools for AM-Linear setting Download

Project Coordinator

SINTEF Digital
Dr. Tor Dokken


Forskningsveien 1
0314 Oslo Norwegen
P.O.Box 124 Blindern