Additive Manufacturing

The Additive Manufacturing (AM) market is expected reach 16.2 billion USD by 2018. As a result, there will be increasing demand for a software ecosystem that enables Computer Aided Technologies (CAx) support of AM processes and machines. However, to move from prototypes and demonstration 3D-models to real industrial use one needs to document and certify the quality of the outcomes of AM processes, such as product strength, surface quality, material behaviour and shape constraints.

About the project

The project will establish novel workflows and services for discrete manufacturing (combinations of additive and subtractive) by addressing analysis-/simulation-based design, analysis/simulation of process planning, showcasing the CAx technologies as Cloud based services and Workflows in the Cloud for two use cases from design to production of physical prototypes.


CAxMan use cases video presentations


Use case 1: NuGear

Use case 2: Injection Mould


New design and production chain for Additive Manufacturing.


The current design and production chain for Additive Manufacturing is an add-on to the chain for Subtractive Manufacturing. The state-of-the-art approach when Additive Manufacturing is to be used is to convert the CAD shapes to the STL format, a process where the surface shape is approximated by triangles without any representation of colour, texture or other common CAD model attributes.


Finite Element Simulation

Emerging Additive Manufacturing technologies allow graded or continuous control of the material composition, thus opening up for varying the material properties inside a component. Current CAD-systems are based on B-rep that only models the inner surfaces of a component and orients them so it can be decided what is in and what is out of the volume. Consequently the design and production chain targeting Additive Manufacturing, as well as the approaches for model representation have to be revised to support the emerging Additive Manufacturing Technologies, and to provide support for Additive Manufacturing already at the design stage.



Project Coordinator

SINTEF Digital
Dr. Tor Dokken


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